Pavol Kazimir has been part of the Brugal family for four years and currently holds the position of 1888 Rum Global Ambassador + Brand Host where he is responsible for 1888 rum education and brand immersions in the Dominican Republic and internationally.

Born in Kosice, Slovakia, Pavol didn’t intend to pursue a career in the spirits industry – studying economics in college – and happened upon what inevitably became his passion, incidentally, after taking a job bartending while he was a student in Germany.

Through bartending, he began to understand the art of mixology and learn the complexities of spirits, which he found had many similarities to cooking and was just as fascinating. Additionally, bartending opened the door to meeting some of the top bartenders and mixologists in Europe and the United States, who helped him hone his craft and acquire the skills needed to be a professional spirit taster.

While Pavol’s passion for spirits in general remained strong, the focal point quickly turned to rum, after he spent years traveling the world attending various Rum Fairs. During this time that he was introduced to Brugal and it was his instant connection to the brand, the legacy, and the level of commitment to creating a superior product that took him to the birthplace of Brugal, the Dominican Republic, to learn more about their unique and intricate blending process and master his skill in rum tasting.