His bar curiosity was first lit in 2006 on his USA experience while working in a restaurant in the States. Constantly chatting with his bartender coworkers about drinks and bar made him develop a passion (one of many). The desire to work in a bar led him to Spain to a town called Calella which is situated northern from Barcelona on the Costa Brava. It was not the drinks that attracted him, but the atmosphere and the diversity that bars have.

“Give them your sincere best in your natural way, because that’s the reason they’re coming to your home in the first place and not for a load of chi-chi and phony-baloney.” TRADER VIC

He had the opportunity to study in Germany in 2008 where he spent half a year and worked in a local Italian restaurant as a bartender to finance his studies. Getting to know the craft of the fast cocktail was a good and hard lesson for him. Having time for almost nothing but studies and work. The Bar Convent Berlin was one of the most fascinating events he saw until that time. Seeing all the bartenders and bar consultants in action left a big impression. And the story followed…

in Bratislava late 2008. Working in a bar called Peoples broadened his horizon. The art of bartending by Stanislav Vadrna and his fellow coworkers introduced him to the Japanese art of tending a bar, the art of the cocktail, the culture and philosophy of bars.

2009 was a year of great changes. This was the year he finished his studies at the University of Economics and received his masters in Business Informatics. Having studied serious science the next logical step was starting to work in that field. His adventurousness took him to Dominican Republic as a Web Developer where he spent beautiful 18 months. During this time he developed a serious crush on rum and after several rum books, seminars and rum festivals managed to become a member of the Internation Rum Expert Panel.


The feeling to get back to bars was so strong that in 2010 he decided to let go of his career and open a rum bar. There was this inner restlessness that couldnt get out using a computer. He fixed that using a shaker. The rum bar was located in the Museum of Dominican Rum, which seriously added on his rum education. Rum tastings and explanations of the rum history in Dominican Republic we on daily basis and have turned him into one of the leading connoisseurs on this subject.

“Best ideas come while sipping rum!” PAVOL KAZIMIR

It was in September 2011 when he decided to close this project and move on to a more serious way involving Rum and Social Media.

He started working in Pat’e Palo European Brasserie as an Internet Marketer and Rum Connoisseur. Dedicated his time to master every aspect of his new profession. He Discovered a new passion in Photography and Video which he feeds daily by creating diverse content for the business. As to the bar part of him he won the Diageo World Class competition in Dominican Republic and was announced the Country Best Bartender of 2012 representing DR in the finals in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil.

In April 2013 he took a big step in his career.

The present. The reality.

Currently working as a Local Brand Ambassador for Brugal rum. He is based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

Lets see what the future brings…